• Magnolia Cottage at the Payne Corley House
  • Review: This was absolutely the perfect setting for our wedding. The atmosphere, the staff, the food was beyond our expectations!


  • Springfield Photography
  • Review: We did not know how valuable a good photographer could be. Springfield was wonderful. They met with us before the wedding to make sure they knew the timeline and didn’t miss a thing. The photographs tell the story of the wedding better then the video did.


  • Atlanta Wedding Storytellers >>>>>>>HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • Review: We were disappointed in the results. We met with Mike and he showed us some great clips of his work. We were impressed and was pretty sure we were going to book him. The pending issue was, “Do you allow us to buy the raw footage”? He said, “No, but don’t worry, I include EVERYTHING in the final DVD.”  We thought, wow! Most videographers charge you for all footage. This was going to be the better choice overall even if it was not going to be  on Blu-Ray. Mike asked for wedding details at time of booking and really didn’t follow-up before the wedding as all of our other vendors did. And I do mean everyone else did!

    Mike did arrive on time and appear to start shooting immediately after introducing himself to our Photographer. All went well on the day of. Mike had few if any questions as we recall.   One issue I had on the day of was he left the location of where the bride and groom was after our Tea Ceremony. The ceremony officially ended but there were interactions going on which is why we wanted video. But we assumed he went to the venue to setup. We know he didn’t need to scope it out, he is a preferred vendor there after all.

    So we waited after our honeymoon to see the results. It was a bad sign when the Videographer emails you and asks for your music selection because they are…..”missing?” This after we were reminded to submit the music weeks before the wedding. It was part of the contract to do so.  The video arrives. We cracked open the box….the cover is very poor quality pics. We thought, “OMG, if these were the best still images pulled then what does the disc look like!”

    With great hesitation, we popped in the disc and overall it wasn’t bad. It would have been nice if our wedding colors were incorporated into the menu. It would also be nice if the menu item for the Tea Ceremony was labeled as such and not “The Beginning.” *sigh*  The quality of the footage itself was good. So here are the problems (his response in red):

    – Music requests were not adhered to.
    >>He never responded to this issue.
    – Lots of missing pieces of video footage. How can the final DVD be less than an hour when we paid for 8 hours of coverage!?!?!?!?!
    >> He does not keep the camera running at all times and when the tea ceremony was going on at the bride’s house, the room was too small to have a videographer and  and photographer.(not true!)
    – He conveniently left our all of my husband’s side of the families karaoke performances
    >> Again, he does not keep camera running at all times.

    I would have gotten more coverage if I had put my own video camera on a tripod and let it run.


  • “I Do” Cake
  • Review: Absolutely wonderful!!! It looked beautiful and tasted delicious!



  • Wedding Dress from David’s Bridal
  • Tux from Men’s Wearhouse
  • Vietnamese Ao Dai from Ao Dai Vinh

Disc Jockey

  • America DJ
  • Review: They did a wonderful job. Kept the room involved and even offered a karaoke challenge to a guest member. It was hilarious!

Dance Lessons

  • All About Ballroom
  • Review: Kathy is wonderful for beginners. We had never ballroom danced and she made us believers! Everyone “loved” our first dance. Including us.

Invitations, Programs, etc.

  • For All Things Design