Feb 1
Wipe your mouth!
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Okay, so when we went to our planning meeting a few weeks ago, our event planner asked if we were bringing cocktail napkins. “We don’t know.”

So I decided to get some pricing. I figured, red could be cute. But if its too expensive then I would just let them use the plain white ones the venue provides free of charge. I really should not even look. This is a budget wedding so why not use the free ones. Then I found the perfect cocktail napkins. A little more than I wanted to spend but how could I resist? It had double happiness on it! I ordered red with the personalization in gold. I can’t wait to see them! And I can’t wait for you to wipe your mouth 😉

Aug 14
Getting busy…
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Last night: DJ interview
Tonight: Photographer
Tomorrow: chores, examine Clear
Monday: Photographer
Wednesday: birthday of Kim’s mom
Thursday (brian): giving platelets and going to ALE on niece and nephew’s b-day

We need to start sending the nice little Save the Date cards Kimmie created, and we’re looking to start integrating some bits and pieces of our cultures/families into things.  Yes, more of the double happiness symbol above, of course.

Wow. And then there’s the week following with food tasting at the venue, followed up with the weekend we help friends move, followed up by a Shakespeare Tavern visit for 6.

We apologize if we’re not posting as much.

The good news is this DJ had nothing but excellent things to say about our venue, both from his professional experience as well as stories he has heard about other weddings there, so we are very confident our venue was the right choice.

Jul 19
bad customer
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So Brian and I were bad customers yesterday. We were suppose to go up to see another wedding venue. It was all scheduled and we had a plan. Then all the wrenches started flying. He had to go into work so I pushed the appointment back a few hours. Perfect, not at problem.

Then we found a house we wanted to make an offer on Friday but needed to get a pre-qual letter from a lender. Well, we found a really nice consultant that was willing to work on a Sat to help us. Well, that also meant we were sitting in his office when we were suppose to be at the venue. Oooops.

I’m debating on if I should call her and ask her for another appointment. We really weren’t that excited about the location or the building based on the pictures online. *sigh* House is more important so no worries but I do feel bad for being a bad customer.

Jul 15
Vegas anyone?
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So we’ve seriously considered doing a Vegas package. Seriously!

All inclusive. You just have to show up in your wedding dress and tux. We seriously felt this would be the cheapest way to go since they have packages starting at $500. Well, then I start truly researching. They have a photographer for you and you and your guest are not allowed to take any pictures so you are stuck with the 20-50 they take. Thats it!

You only get up to 15 guest to attend ceremony. Which is okay since we knew not everyone will fly out there. But the cost only included cake reception, no food, no drink. Then you add in taking folks to dinner, hotel cost, meals while we are there. We have to fly mom out too.

So we aren’t really saving too much money. :-(  So we decide to research all inclusive venues in Ga.