May 28
Time to recap
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Well, the wedding went off without a hitch. I’m so happy that everyone pulled together and participated in all the days events.  A week after the honeymoon and I’m just now getting around to revisiting this blog.

Everyone has been asking for pictures and video. We have pics that our family and friends have taken and posted on Facebook. I will archive them on our “Life” blog. Professional pics and video will be coming soon. Well the pics will be ready long before the video and I’ll post them to.

I’ll still be blogging here to give my reviews on all the vendors and also things I learned looking back. If you were following this blog to follow Brian and I then perhaps you should visit There we’re documenting all things going on in our lives. Yay!

May 13
What a wonderful day!
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What a wonderful day. We had a few hiccups and some guest cancelled last minute but overall the day was better than I thought it would considering we winged a good bit of it.

Everyone loved our first dance. No one (aside from DJ) knew we were adding on swing to the end.

Video and pics will be up as soon as I gt them from folks. Probably after our honeymoon. yay!

Feb 23
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R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.”

I suppose that I know certain people are coming to the wedding and I don’t need the RSVP to know that. I probably didn’t even have to send them an invitation. However, for those that haven’t told me, then please RSVP. I included stamps!  In fact, it would be nice to get all back because its something I’d like to keep in my scrapbook.

Please reply. :-)

Dec 21
more to come in 2010…
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I know its been a while since I’ve written anything. Work has been busy and we haven’t really done much for the wedding planning.

Let’s see, we finished our first dance class. It was much better then we both expected. We learned Waltz, Swing and Rumba. I think we have the Waltz down. Swing is getting there but we need  a lot help with our rumba. We plan to take another class after the new year. We also plan on taking some personal lessons after we figure out a song for our first dance. We have no idea yet. Suggestions?

We have our first meeting with our event specialist at the Payne Corley House the second week of Jan. That should be good. We’ll get to see the place again and start thinking about layouts of tables and decorations.

We still have not met with a cake place yet. We really need to. *sigh*

As we enter 2010, hopefully, I’ll have more updates.