Mar 22

A long awaited package arrived today which contains one of our last pieces of clothing: our Ao Dais!

We will wear these during the tea ceremony prior to the wedding, and, we will be wearing these at least part of the time during our upcoming photo shoot.

Enjoy!  Or laugh…

Sep 8
Where oh where shall we go?
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Brian and I were originally not going to do an engagement session. There was no need. We weren’t going to put an announcement in the paper or anything.

However the photographer we selected gave us a special with a free engagement session! YAY for Springfield Photography (  So the question is where do we go to get them done and what should we wear.  We have one idea so far but not sure.  We’ve talked about wearing the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfit, ao dai, for the wedding. Well, what if we did that outfit for the engagement session. It will be like a bridal session or pre-wedding session.

For those that don’t know what the traditional wedding ao dai look like, Typically the bride will be in red or pink and the groomis in red, blue or gold or some combination of it.

A few things have to happen for this to work though. 1) I have to find someone that will make the ao dai at a decent price for both of us. 2) find a location that is a countryside or pond with lots fo flat land. Basically we’re looking for a location that could somewhat resemble the natural landscape one might find in Viet Nam. If we can’t satisfy both then we will most likely do a regular engagement session.

The search begins. We also have quite a while before we have to decide too so no worries…..yet….

Aug 14
Getting busy…
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Last night: DJ interview
Tonight: Photographer
Tomorrow: chores, examine Clear
Monday: Photographer
Wednesday: birthday of Kim’s mom
Thursday (brian): giving platelets and going to ALE on niece and nephew’s b-day

We need to start sending the nice little Save the Date cards Kimmie created, and we’re looking to start integrating some bits and pieces of our cultures/families into things.  Yes, more of the double happiness symbol above, of course.

Wow. And then there’s the week following with food tasting at the venue, followed up with the weekend we help friends move, followed up by a Shakespeare Tavern visit for 6.

We apologize if we’re not posting as much.

The good news is this DJ had nothing but excellent things to say about our venue, both from his professional experience as well as stories he has heard about other weddings there, so we are very confident our venue was the right choice.

Aug 10
are you my photographer?
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So I got a follow-up phone call from a large wedding photography place this morning asking how my wedding planning was going? 

I should start with some background info. This company has  a website you go to and get an account then you can pick a photographer, videographer and DJ based on a list of available people on your special day. You get to see some sample works, their bios and thats it. 

So I told her that I haven’t decided yet. She started pushing me and saying that May is a really busy time and I shouldn’t wait. I let her know that that we’ve been interview folks in person and find that more appealing than just looking a a few sample works.

Her response? we have brides in 20 states that use us and never had a problem. So, to her personality doesn’t matter. A wild and crazy photographer paired with a meek couple would be no problem. So I arrive on my wedding day and find the guy or girl that is not on my invite list and ask, are you my photographer?

I don’t think that method is for me.

Jul 26
Staged or candid?
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So we’ve successfully met with two different photographers and they are both good but different.

Candidate #1 is full of energy. She specializes in staged photography.

Candidate #2 is laid back. She seems to be better with candid photography.

Who to choose?  We can keep looking but we don’t to end up with no photographer either. Hmmm…too bad I can’t afford to have both. Of course, if I could afford it then I would just hire a super duper photographer that can do both.  My thought is to hire the one that does candids for the day of the wedding. Then we can also do a portrait session later because we don’t have a big wedding party. It’s just us.

What to do?

Jul 14
Interviewing a Photographer
icon1 kimmie | icon2 photography | icon4 07 14th, 2009| icon3Comments Off on Interviewing a Photographer

I didn’t know there was so much that went into finding the right photographer for your wedding. I also didn’t realize how much they cost!  It’s crazy on a budget. But I have to admit that these folks have a talented skill and I suppose they should be well rewarded.

Things we’ve come up with to ask a photographer:

  • Do you do any other photography other than weddings?
  • What is your style or expertise? (formal, candids, artistic, etc)
  • Do you have wedding packages?
  • Do you sign over copyright releases for all photos?
  • Do we have to get prints made through you?
  • Do you create wedding albums?
  • If so, do these albums have to be committed to when we sign or can we decided after the wedding and we see the pictures?
  • Do you do engagement photos?
  • Do you do pre-wedding/bridal sessions?
  • Do you do “Trash the Dress” shoots?
  • What type of editing/enhancements do you do to the photos before delivery?

And the list keeps growing.