Apr 19
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Less than 3 weeks until the big day to end all of the big days coming up. My excitement is building, though I am feeling awash in things to do. The yard is looking better each day, and no to direct attention to the inside of the house to get things picked up, sold off, or given away.

Together we are occasionally a bit stressed as of late, but that’s to be expected. We’ve had an argument or two, but nothing bad, just stuff that needed to be sorted out. We’re the better for it.

I <3 Kim.

Apr 11
Four Weeks
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The energy is getting quite palpable. Lots of little things to be done, things to coordinate. But I know I am very excited to have folks here when I can finally say Kim is all mine.

Oh, who am I kidding?! In four weeks my arse gets branded with Kimmie’s name, not the other way around.

Especially now that we have the paperwork in hand! Woohoo! We are licensed to wed. Hasta la vista, single status.

I will say this: Georgia makes it pretty easy for its residents to wed. The bride and groom have to fill out some simple paperwork beforehand, and then only the officiant needs to sign anything, though that has to be returned in 10 days. But that’s it…

Oct 21
So we think we can dance?
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So we both realize we might not be very good.  I might be a little better than Brian. :-)

Today, I officially signed us up for Ballroom Dancing for beginners. Hopefully that will give us a good base to work with. Going to the club is one thing. Formal couple dance is a totally different story. Classes start Nov. 2 and run for 6 weeks. Wish us luck!

We are taking it through a local instructor that holds group classes at county parks. Her site: http://www.allaboutballroom.net/

If all goes well then we might take the intermediate class after the first of the year. If we really like her then we’ll get some private time for her to help us with a dance for our first song.  Should we do a traditional dance or change it up and bust some moves?!?!??!?!

Jul 14
so it begins . . .
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We are starting this blog so that we can keep up with what each other are doing as far as the wedding planning goes. To be honest, so Brian knows what I’m up to. :-)

Also its for family, friends and strangers to give us feedback.

For those of you that are don’t know us, please take a look at the About page.