Jan 14
DYI: Invitations and more
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Invitations are one of the more expensive aspects of the wedding. I once met someone that paid $20/invitation and they had 300 guests. $6,000 for invitations???

A great place to order really nice card stock and paper for creating your own invitations, programs, place cards, etc, is www.paperandmore.com.

Sep 2
You’ve got mail!
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Today I finally swung by the post office and dropped off the Save the Date cards after my Dr. Appt today. The stamps from zazzle were a bit big for the envelopes :-(

I just hope they go out okay without issues about postage. I weighed the envelope with card and magnet and it was the right amount of oz. But it just feels heavy because of the magnet. I got adhesive magnetic sheets. They cut really easily and it was very easy to place!  Now you don’t have to reassign one of your fridge magnets to hold up our card.

*sigh* what’s next? I think Brian would say…”REST.” Perhaps I will go lay down now and he will go over the list of DJs again so that we can get that crossed off of the list.

Aug 17
Zazzle me!
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So I was online hunting for a place that sould a double happiness cake topper for my wedding. But what did I find? This cute little site called “zazzle.com”

Here you can make your own stamps. Apparently this has been around for a while, but I’ve never used it. They had a double happiness stamp someone had made but if I’m going to order custom stamps then why not uplaod my own art that I made. I also left it up there for others to buy too if they want.

So here is what I made: http://www.zazzle.com/yipdesigns

Apparently for everyone that orders my designed stamps, then I get a little commission. I might go in there and make other stamps just for fun :-)

Aug 10

So ever since we’ve been engaged we have been showered congrats. We really appreciate all of them. 

Then we also get:

“I can’t wait to come to the wedding”

“Don’t forget to invite me”

and the craziest one was, “Let me know when to come get fitted for my bridesmaid dress”


We do value everyone in out lives. You entered our lives for a reason and all of you are dear friends. But we have decided to do a very small wedding with just the groom and bride and not other wedding party.  So the guess list is tiny and though it would be nice to have everyone we know there, its only going to be family and very few friends. 

Our apologies if you aren’t on the list. It’s because the venue is too small. Yes, I’m blaming it on the venue, so that you can’t blame me. :-)

Jul 16

So I knew I wanted to print my own invitations. I wanted something simple for my simple wedding. I woke up one morning watching TV and saw an ad for Big Lots. They got a shipment of Martha Stuart Wedding Collections. Each piece was only $2.00. Hmmmm….I better go check this out.

I arrive and quickly go toward the stationary section. Hoping they have something I will like. I see only one Invitation box left. And it was one of the few designs they had that I even liked!. Its called the eyelet cut. It was perfect and for $20 for a box of 40 invitations, it was even more perfect. I was able to get matching, note cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, place cards, favor boxes, guest book, and a signing frame. All stationary….DONE. Now I can still use my creative style to print something nice on it and truly make it mine. yay! So I suppose Big Lots played a big role in saving the day too!