Mar 4
sleeping on a roof
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So Brian and I have started to enjoy watching wedding shows. Appropiate, right?

So one show in particular highlighted a Viet girl about to marry a white guy! Perfect! That is us. Sort of.

She was so cheap! I am not that bad. 1) She didn’t want to get hotel rooms for her family so she had them sleeping in tents on her roof. 2) She was too cheap to get rental cars or a nice bus, she rented a school bus for her family to ride in. And she picked the short bus to save 50 bucks. *sigh*

Well, I was at least going to get a hotel room for everyone. But we found even better! A vacation home! I have to admit that last year when I thought about buying a house and my sister in law told me to convert the old one into a vacation home. I thought to myself…who would stay at my house. Then I found out that the Atlanta area has a lot of vacation homes! One in particular is just a few blocks away from home. The groom’s family will be staying there. No sleeping on the roof for them. I can’t treat future family like that. :-)

Out of town friends however will be at a local hotel.