Mar 24
A dream come true!
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So in line with our wedding on a budget theme, we had originally decided to NOT go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. The fact that we had lots of out of town guests flying in and staying, had us believing that was the best decision all around.

But then I got an email…..from the happiest place on earth with a really good offer.  So yes, we are going to Disney World for our honeymoon!

We will get to wear “Just Married” pins. Yay!

So how were we able to get a good deal? Last year we went to Disney with some friends and were able to cash in on the “free dining” promotion. I did the math and by paying just a little more we could get 10 day park passes with no expiration. Once you pass that 3-4 day mark, the price for additional days is really small. We didn’t think we’d use them again so soon.

But Disney’s email offered us free dining again! So how is this better than before? Well, your dining is tied to your hotel so by booking the on-site hotel and buying just 1 single ticket per person, we were able to get the dining deal for all of our nights of stay. Lets face it, the costly part of disney is 1) tickets (we already have) and 2) dining (we’re getting free). So for just about $800.00 we will be enjoying the nice sun in Disney for our Honeymoon for 5 nights, 6 days. The best part is that it will be during the first of the Star Wars Weekends for 2010. So my geeky Brian can experience that! Yay!