Nov 3
Health Status of Kim
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For those who don’t know, last night an event happened that had many of us concerned about Kim’s health status. I know some had been trying to find out whatever information they could to find out if Kim is alright.

Kim is fine. I only stepped on her foot once during the whole dance class.



Oct 21
So we think we can dance?
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So we both realize we might not be very good.  I might be a little better than Brian. :-)

Today, I officially signed us up for Ballroom Dancing for beginners. Hopefully that will give us a good base to work with. Going to the club is one thing. Formal couple dance is a totally different story. Classes start Nov. 2 and run for 6 weeks. Wish us luck!

We are taking it through a local instructor that holds group classes at county parks. Her site:

If all goes well then we might take the intermediate class after the first of the year. If we really like her then we’ll get some private time for her to help us with a dance for our first song.  Should we do a traditional dance or change it up and bust some moves?!?!??!?!

Sep 8
Are we tree huggers?
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So the last DJ we interviewed was dramatically different from the first one we met. When asked how he kept up to date with his music…his response, “I stay very up to date, see….” as he pulled out a stack of papers with song titles. He said he had personally typed them himself. If we sign then we would get a copy and were to highlight what we wanted.

— What kind of equipement do you use?  Real good equipment.

— How do you back yourself and make sure things are available for the day? (aka, the song list) I have backup of everything. In fact I make you a disc of the songs for you so if anything, we can play from CD that I will make for you.

— Do you offer Karoake services? Yes, but you shouldn’t pay the extra. Anyone that is going to sing will already know the lyrics. Let people sing along to the music and save some money.

Sigh…the first DJ had and elaborate website that DJ’s buy into and everything is online, from song selection to event planning. He stored his music repository on laptop, external hard drive, etc.

I’m sorry, you can’t be shuffling papers and CDs with all the technology that is out there today. This last DJ is “NOT” making the final cut. I am not a tree hugger but I do think technology has replaced the need for paper in many situations.

Aug 14
Getting busy…
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Last night: DJ interview
Tonight: Photographer
Tomorrow: chores, examine Clear
Monday: Photographer
Wednesday: birthday of Kim’s mom
Thursday (brian): giving platelets and going to ALE on niece and nephew’s b-day

We need to start sending the nice little Save the Date cards Kimmie created, and we’re looking to start integrating some bits and pieces of our cultures/families into things.  Yes, more of the double happiness symbol above, of course.

Wow. And then there’s the week following with food tasting at the venue, followed up with the weekend we help friends move, followed up by a Shakespeare Tavern visit for 6.

We apologize if we’re not posting as much.

The good news is this DJ had nothing but excellent things to say about our venue, both from his professional experience as well as stories he has heard about other weddings there, so we are very confident our venue was the right choice.