Jul 26
Save the date!
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It has finally been decided.  The wedding will be on Sunday, May 9, 2010. And yes, it happens to also be mother’s day.

We thought about making it Friday instead but if folks are in town for a friday wedding then most likely they can’t make it home for Mother’s day so we’ll just do Sunday.  Brian will graduate on Saturday and then married on Sunday.

Brings back memories of my graduation. I had the closing on my house, moved from my apartment and graduate with my master all in one week. A house full of family and friends with not everything unpacked. It was busy and exciting!

I know that May 2010 will be super busy also but will be great! YAY!

Jul 14
When is the big day?
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Ever since our announcement of our engagement, the most frequently asked question has been, “When is the big day?”

We don’t know yet. It will be a 2010 date.  We were looking at May and now March is also in consideration. It would be nice to do a May wedding on the same weekend that Brian graduates. It would be the ultimate life changing weekend!  But May is also a quirky time for 1) family that works at a company that in the past has had mandatory attendance in May and 2) it might conflict with friends that work in academia as the Spring semester comes to an end. Our guest list is so small that a few missing people makes a big difference.

So why March instead of April or June? Its too hot in June. I don’t want both my guest and I baking in the heat. April isn’t so bad. But rumor has it that March is a month that few couples consider for a wedding so obtaining venues and vendors is much easier and possibly cheaper.

We know that we need to set a date soon and we really can’t do too much planning without a date in mind since the first thing a photographer asks you is, when is it so I can see if I’m even available before wasting everyone’s time.