Feb 2
That’s Hot!
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The other thing that our event coordinator asked us was if were going to have programs. Hmmm….I hadn’t thought about until then but told her yes because I think it would be nice. I could print it on some 8×11.5 card stock and fold it in half.

Then I was inspired by a blog I came across online. The bride had made a custom program. After reading how she did it, I was like, “this is easy!”

Here is my first prototype.

There is still some more tweaking to be done and I still have to finalize the information on it. I also need to get my eyelets and crop-a-dile tool to really see how the fan can open and close. I also think I need thicker card stock. 110 lb. doesn’t feel like its going to be enough.

Since it is a May wedding and it will be outside, fans actually might come in handy.