Mar 31


The favors and flower arrangements are done.

Feb 23

After a failed attempt at making my centerpieces, I decided perhaps that is an area of design I am just really bad at. Time for me to spend some money and have a professional do it. It will kill my budget but what I made was supper ugly.

Then Dr. Myers came to rescue me! She came, took my vision and helped Brian and I make a centerpeice prototype. It was great. The three of us went to Michael’s and we all participated in picking the flowers. We got home. Brian had a white russian and we started working. The first foam ball wasn’t great but the second, got us this.

That is not the vase we will use. We are ordering some 24″ trumpet vases. They will sit on a round mirror and rose petal will be scattered around the vase. I’m so excited. The vases won’t be here until after our cruise so that will be what Brian and I will work on in March.

Without Dr. Myers, I would be paying a lot of money for centerpeices. Yay for great friends!