Mar 24
A dream come true!
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So in line with our wedding on a budget theme, we had originally decided to NOT go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. The fact that we had lots of out of town guests flying in and staying, had us believing that was the best decision all around.

But then I got an email…..from the happiest place on earth with a really good offer.  So yes, we are going to Disney World for our honeymoon!

We will get to wear “Just Married” pins. Yay!

So how were we able to get a good deal? Last year we went to Disney with some friends and were able to cash in on the “free dining” promotion. I did the math and by paying just a little more we could get 10 day park passes with no expiration. Once you pass that 3-4 day mark, the price for additional days is really small. We didn’t think we’d use them again so soon.

But Disney’s email offered us free dining again! So how is this better than before? Well, your dining is tied to your hotel so by booking the on-site hotel and buying just 1 single ticket per person, we were able to get the dining deal for all of our nights of stay. Lets face it, the costly part of disney is 1) tickets (we already have) and 2) dining (we’re getting free). So for just about $800.00 we will be enjoying the nice sun in Disney for our Honeymoon for 5 nights, 6 days. The best part is that it will be during the first of the Star Wars Weekends for 2010. So my geeky Brian can experience that! Yay!

Feb 23

After a failed attempt at making my centerpieces, I decided perhaps that is an area of design I am just really bad at. Time for me to spend some money and have a professional do it. It will kill my budget but what I made was supper ugly.

Then Dr. Myers came to rescue me! She came, took my vision and helped Brian and I make a centerpeice prototype. It was great. The three of us went to Michael’s and we all participated in picking the flowers. We got home. Brian had a white russian and we started working. The first foam ball wasn’t great but the second, got us this.

That is not the vase we will use. We are ordering some 24″ trumpet vases. They will sit on a round mirror and rose petal will be scattered around the vase. I’m so excited. The vases won’t be here until after our cruise so that will be what Brian and I will work on in March.

Without Dr. Myers, I would be paying a lot of money for centerpeices. Yay for great friends!

Jan 31

Well, it’s been a long time, folks.  Time for an update!

And the crowd goes wild!

So, coming from a really small town where the economy has never seemed all that great, I always thought that some of the things that get done for a wedding seem, well, pretentious.  Things like rose petals and chair coverings and limos.  Not to mention, these often add significant cost to a wedding, which is kind of counter to the whole “Wedding on a budget” mindset.

Well, I guess it is time to call myself pretentious.

Kim and I had an appointment yesterday with a linens place, and we ended up with some colored satin linens for the wedding.  Lots of red and gold, and because of that, I also thought we should mix it up just a bit where we could.  My first idea was called “dizzying” by the linen consultant and Kimmie.  I toned it back a bit,  so now below we have the two arrangements for our chair coverings, the red with gold sash for the guests, and the gold with red sash for us.

Out red & gold linens on example chairs

And below, you will now see an example of our guests’ tables: red tablecloth with gold overlay.  There will be red napkins for the guests.  Ours will be reverse from this, and the cake table will simply have the red tablecloth.  More on the cake to follow.

Our red & gold satin linen choiceson an example table and chair.

So what is all this finery adding to our costs?  About $230.  But it looks so pretty, and it was something I heavily participated in!!!  And we think it will look striking at the venue. We went with First Impressions (

And, since I mentioned it above, it is time to talk cake.  Yes, we did this yesterday as well.  We had sampled some of the preferred providers at a recent food tasting at Payne-Corley, and one of the bakeries had some cake that very much tasted like the cakes my mom used to make.  They were all good, but, I had to consult with that bakery.

Our appointment went well, and we’ve already gone ahead and paid for our cake ($313).  It will be a three tier white cake with white buttercream frosting, the top tier on a pedestal.  On the top of the of second layer, flowing down the side will be roses made from frosting, and each layer will have a soft rolling design in red.  Finally, the cake will be topped with…

Nah, I’m going to wait to tell you what’s going on top — we don’t have them yet, but we’re working on it.  :-)