Hello all, we are Brian and Kimmie.  We met and fell for each other while working at Georgia Gwinnett College so even though we are no longer there, it will always be a special place.  We both work in the IT world in academia.

After dating for a little over a year and a half, Brian popped the question. It really wasn’t a surprise and it wasn’t cleverly planned but that is okay because its just him.  It happened on June 4, 2009 and so now we have to plan a wedding….on a budget. :-)

Brian’s in school part-time. I teach part-time. We have our day jobs. We are searching to buy a new house. So we have plenty of time to plan a wedding, right?

Of course! We are hoping this site will keep us sane and organized. If it allows us to get feedback from others, then thats a plus. If this site can help anyone else planning a wedding then thats a double plus! Kinda like the chinese double happiness symbol.

Us at Kevin and Jen's Wedding.