four bucks plus tax

So along with the invitations that I purchased a Big Lots (talked about in a different post), I also picked up a flower baskets and ring pillow set for a whopping $2.00. :-) However it didn’t match our wedding color, red.  We aren’t going to have a ring bearer and flower girl either. I bought it and thought, it I toss it, whats two bucks?

Original Basket and Pillow

As it sat there on my dining room table while I worked on Save the Date cards, I got inspired to do something. I went out to Wal-mart and picked up two small spools of red ribbon at $1.00 each and here is the result.

We can use the pillow to set the rings on ahead of time at the front where our officiant (Newbie) will be. The basket…..I can fill it with petals but it can be for decoration on the sign in table or something.

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  1. Lauren Says:

    I love this! So crafty of you.