Where oh where shall we go?

Brian and I were originally not going to do an engagement session. There was no need. We weren’t going to put an announcement in the paper or anything.

However the photographer we selected gave us a special with a free engagement session! YAY for Springfield Photography (www.springfieldphotography.com).  So the question is where do we go to get them done and what should we wear.  We have one idea so far but not sure.  We’ve talked about wearing the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfit, ao dai, for the wedding. Well, what if we did that outfit for the engagement session. It will be like a bridal session or pre-wedding session.

For those that don’t know what the traditional wedding ao dai look like, http://aodaivinh.com/wedding-ao-dai-red-127-p-3612.html. Typically the bride will be in red or pink and the groomis in red, blue or gold or some combination of it.

A few things have to happen for this to work though. 1) I have to find someone that will make the ao dai at a decent price for both of us. 2) find a location that is a countryside or pond with lots fo flat land. Basically we’re looking for a location that could somewhat resemble the natural landscape one might find in Viet Nam. If we can’t satisfy both then we will most likely do a regular engagement session.

The search begins. We also have quite a while before we have to decide too so no worries…..yet….

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