Sep 13
four bucks plus tax
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So along with the invitations that I purchased a Big Lots (talked about in a different post), I also picked up a flower baskets and ring pillow set for a whopping $2.00. :-) However it didn’t match our wedding color, red.  We aren’t going to have a ring bearer and flower girl either. I bought it and thought, it I toss it, whats two bucks?

Original Basket and Pillow

As it sat there on my dining room table while I worked on Save the Date cards, I got inspired to do something. I went out to Wal-mart and picked up two small spools of red ribbon at $1.00 each and here is the result.

We can use the pillow to set the rings on ahead of time at the front where our officiant (Newbie) will be. The basket…..I can fill it with petals but it can be for decoration on the sign in table or something.

Sep 8
Are we tree huggers?
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So the last DJ we interviewed was dramatically different from the first one we met. When asked how he kept up to date with his music…his response, “I stay very up to date, see….” as he pulled out a stack of papers with song titles. He said he had personally typed them himself. If we sign then we would get a copy and were to highlight what we wanted.

— What kind of equipement do you use?  Real good equipment.

— How do you back yourself and make sure things are available for the day? (aka, the song list) I have backup of everything. In fact I make you a disc of the songs for you so if anything, we can play from CD that I will make for you.

— Do you offer Karoake services? Yes, but you shouldn’t pay the extra. Anyone that is going to sing will already know the lyrics. Let people sing along to the music and save some money.

Sigh…the first DJ had and elaborate website that DJ’s buy into and everything is online, from song selection to event planning. He stored his music repository on laptop, external hard drive, etc.

I’m sorry, you can’t be shuffling papers and CDs with all the technology that is out there today. This last DJ is “NOT” making the final cut. I am not a tree hugger but I do think technology has replaced the need for paper in many situations.

Sep 8
Where oh where shall we go?
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Brian and I were originally not going to do an engagement session. There was no need. We weren’t going to put an announcement in the paper or anything.

However the photographer we selected gave us a special with a free engagement session! YAY for Springfield Photography (  So the question is where do we go to get them done and what should we wear.  We have one idea so far but not sure.  We’ve talked about wearing the traditional Vietnamese wedding outfit, ao dai, for the wedding. Well, what if we did that outfit for the engagement session. It will be like a bridal session or pre-wedding session.

For those that don’t know what the traditional wedding ao dai look like, Typically the bride will be in red or pink and the groomis in red, blue or gold or some combination of it.

A few things have to happen for this to work though. 1) I have to find someone that will make the ao dai at a decent price for both of us. 2) find a location that is a countryside or pond with lots fo flat land. Basically we’re looking for a location that could somewhat resemble the natural landscape one might find in Viet Nam. If we can’t satisfy both then we will most likely do a regular engagement session.

The search begins. We also have quite a while before we have to decide too so no worries…..yet….

Sep 2
You’ve got mail!
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Today I finally swung by the post office and dropped off the Save the Date cards after my Dr. Appt today. The stamps from zazzle were a bit big for the envelopes :-(

I just hope they go out okay without issues about postage. I weighed the envelope with card and magnet and it was the right amount of oz. But it just feels heavy because of the magnet. I got adhesive magnetic sheets. They cut really easily and it was very easy to place!  Now you don’t have to reassign one of your fridge magnets to hold up our card.

*sigh* what’s next? I think Brian would say…”REST.” Perhaps I will go lay down now and he will go over the list of DJs again so that we can get that crossed off of the list.