Please don’t be offended.

So ever since we’ve been engaged we have been showered congrats. We really appreciate all of them. 

Then we also get:

“I can’t wait to come to the wedding”

“Don’t forget to invite me”

and the craziest one was, “Let me know when to come get fitted for my bridesmaid dress”


We do value everyone in out lives. You entered our lives for a reason and all of you are dear friends. But we have decided to do a very small wedding with just the groom and bride and not other wedding party.  So the guess list is tiny and though it would be nice to have everyone we know there, its only going to be family and very few friends. 

Our apologies if you aren’t on the list. It’s because the venue is too small. Yes, I’m blaming it on the venue, so that you can’t blame me. :-)

One Response

  1. brian Says:

    You know, the name of the blog is important here, folks. Wedding on a Budget. That means we’re keeping things simple, and that also means things are going to be small. In this economy it really doesn’t make sense to go all crazy on a wedding and put yourselves in a lot of debt just for a one day show when you’re trying to build a whole life together. Hell, it doesn’t really make sense in any economy.

    I’d rather a small party and not feel like we overdid things. Sure, I’ll probably wish so and so could have seen this or that, but, we’re trying to set ourselves up for success in our combined future. Sorry if some of you feel excluded in that, that is not the intention.