are you my photographer?

So I got a follow-up phone call from a large wedding photography place this morning asking how my wedding planning was going? 

I should start with some background info. This company has  a website you go to and get an account then you can pick a photographer, videographer and DJ based on a list of available people on your special day. You get to see some sample works, their bios and thats it. 

So I told her that I haven’t decided yet. She started pushing me and saying that May is a really busy time and I shouldn’t wait. I let her know that that we’ve been interview folks in person and find that more appealing than just looking a a few sample works.

Her response? we have brides in 20 states that use us and never had a problem. So, to her personality doesn’t matter. A wild and crazy photographer paired with a meek couple would be no problem. So I arrive on my wedding day and find the guy or girl that is not on my invite list and ask, are you my photographer?

I don’t think that method is for me.

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