Aug 17
Zazzle me!
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So I was online hunting for a place that sould a double happiness cake topper for my wedding. But what did I find? This cute little site called “”

Here you can make your own stamps. Apparently this has been around for a while, but I’ve never used it. They had a double happiness stamp someone had made but if I’m going to order custom stamps then why not uplaod my own art that I made. I also left it up there for others to buy too if they want.

So here is what I made:

Apparently for everyone that orders my designed stamps, then I get a little commission. I might go in there and make other stamps just for fun :-)

Aug 14
Getting busy…
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Last night: DJ interview
Tonight: Photographer
Tomorrow: chores, examine Clear
Monday: Photographer
Wednesday: birthday of Kim’s mom
Thursday (brian): giving platelets and going to ALE on niece and nephew’s b-day

We need to start sending the nice little Save the Date cards Kimmie created, and we’re looking to start integrating some bits and pieces of our cultures/families into things.  Yes, more of the double happiness symbol above, of course.

Wow. And then there’s the week following with food tasting at the venue, followed up with the weekend we help friends move, followed up by a Shakespeare Tavern visit for 6.

We apologize if we’re not posting as much.

The good news is this DJ had nothing but excellent things to say about our venue, both from his professional experience as well as stories he has heard about other weddings there, so we are very confident our venue was the right choice.

Aug 10
are you my photographer?
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So I got a follow-up phone call from a large wedding photography place this morning asking how my wedding planning was going? 

I should start with some background info. This company has  a website you go to and get an account then you can pick a photographer, videographer and DJ based on a list of available people on your special day. You get to see some sample works, their bios and thats it. 

So I told her that I haven’t decided yet. She started pushing me and saying that May is a really busy time and I shouldn’t wait. I let her know that that we’ve been interview folks in person and find that more appealing than just looking a a few sample works.

Her response? we have brides in 20 states that use us and never had a problem. So, to her personality doesn’t matter. A wild and crazy photographer paired with a meek couple would be no problem. So I arrive on my wedding day and find the guy or girl that is not on my invite list and ask, are you my photographer?

I don’t think that method is for me.

Aug 10

So ever since we’ve been engaged we have been showered congrats. We really appreciate all of them. 

Then we also get:

“I can’t wait to come to the wedding”

“Don’t forget to invite me”

and the craziest one was, “Let me know when to come get fitted for my bridesmaid dress”


We do value everyone in out lives. You entered our lives for a reason and all of you are dear friends. But we have decided to do a very small wedding with just the groom and bride and not other wedding party.  So the guess list is tiny and though it would be nice to have everyone we know there, its only going to be family and very few friends. 

Our apologies if you aren’t on the list. It’s because the venue is too small. Yes, I’m blaming it on the venue, so that you can’t blame me. :-)

Aug 3
Three ring circus
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It’s about time I posted here.

Up until today, the only rings in possession were the two of her wedding set.  As of today, we now have my ring, after finally picking it up almost two months late.  Even more interesting is that it didn’t fit.  It was far too large.  Had to come down 1.25 sizes before it seemed to hold, and even then it seems looser than any I’ve had on before.

White gold ring originally made of two bands that have been melted together to form one thicker.  This place’s rings tended to be a bit small, and I wanted a little something more.  Pictures to follow at some point, I am sure Kimmie would like to share.