Interviewing a Photographer

I didn’t know there was so much that went into finding the right photographer for your wedding. I also didn’t realize how much they cost!  It’s crazy on a budget. But I have to admit that these folks have a talented skill and I suppose they should be well rewarded.

Things we’ve come up with to ask a photographer:

  • Do you do any other photography other than weddings?
  • What is your style or expertise? (formal, candids, artistic, etc)
  • Do you have wedding packages?
  • Do you sign over copyright releases for all photos?
  • Do we have to get prints made through you?
  • Do you create wedding albums?
  • If so, do these albums have to be committed to when we sign or can we decided after the wedding and we see the pictures?
  • Do you do engagement photos?
  • Do you do pre-wedding/bridal sessions?
  • Do you do “Trash the Dress” shoots?
  • What type of editing/enhancements do you do to the photos before delivery?

And the list keeps growing.

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